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Matthias Jahn bei Wetten, dass..?

Wanna bet..?

At Europe‘s greatest entertainment show “Wanna bet?” I bet in front of 12.4 million viewers:

“I bet I can run faster to the top of a 28-story-building than a downhill-one wheel-rider who ride down th2e 28 stories."
Wetten, dass..?
Matthias Jahn bei Galileo


The show was called “man vs. machine.” The competition was between a high speed elevator and me. It stayed thrilling until the end. Who won?  The elevator or me ?

Matthias Jahn bei 1, 2 oder 3

1, 2 or 3

In this episode of the famous kids show,  I compete against  host, Daniel Fischer, in a stair run at Frankfurt’s Messeturm and demonstrate the secret of my high-tech-insoles.

1, 2 oder 3
Matthias Jahn beim BR

Bavarian TV

Take a look at my daily work-out in both the staircase and in the altitude chamber.
Bayerischer Rundfunk
Matthias Jahn bei Servus TV

Servus TV

In the episode „Living well,” I had a chat with host, Stefanie Hofbauer, about my enthusiasm for stair-running.
Servus TV