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Stairrun New York

On 8th February the world's most famous stairrun takes place for the 35th time already. To reach the finish line on the platform of the Empire State Building you first have to complete 1,576 steps or 86 stories. The ESB is 320m high and it will be my 6th appearance at this exceptional stairrun. > Read more …


Stairrun Singapore

On 20th November I will participate in the Vertical Marathon in Singapore. The 226m high Swissôtel consists of 73 stories and the stairrun includes 1,336 steps. I am very excited and hope to convey my good form to Singapore. > Read more …

Stair-run in Milan

Stair-run in Milan, Italy

On 25th September I will make my sporting debut in Italy. The stairrun takes place at Italy’s highest building, the Palazzo Lombardia. > Read more …

Benidorm - Spanien

Stair-run in Benidorm

On June 4, 2011, I will participate for the first time in a stair run in Benidrom, a small town at the Spanish Mediterranean coast. You will not believe it but there is a building with 900 steps and 52 stories! What’s special about it is that there will be mass start like in New York. > Read more …

Messeturmlauf Frankfurt

Stair run in Frankfurt

Facts about Europe’s highest stair run: 1,344 steps, 222m altitude and 61 stories. On May 29th, I will attempt to win my 4th victory at this prestigious stair run. It will be a tough competition. Although I have gotten faster from year to year, my competitors have too! That simply shows how the competition gains momentum. I am very excited about my performance after the 4-months-absence due to an illness. > Read more …