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Vita Matthias Jahn

Name: Matthias Jahn
Day of birth:
Place of birth:
High: 178 cm
Language skills:
German and English
Siblings: Markus and Manuel
Place of residence: Langenbieber near Fulda and Munich
Coach: Christoph Weiß of EUROPEANSPORTS
Favorite dish: Pizza Hawaii with an extra crunchy base
Favorite sweets: Cheescake & Kaiserschmarn
Hobbys: snowboarding, diving, travelling and everything that includes adrenaline (eg. bungee jumping, skydiving etc.)
Education: Business graduate marketing
Mantra: You‘ll never know how strong you are until you‘ve tried it.
Number of steps I take per footstep: always two at a time
Favorite direction oft he staircase: right turn
My highest stair run: Sears Tower Chicago (Willis Tower), 102 stories with a course record!
The building I like to run up: Burj Khalifa (Dubai - UAE)